Visiting Information


It’s important for our patients to visit with friends and family. Visiting Hours are as follows:

  • Daily – 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Patients can visit children on the pediatric wards at any time between 09:00AM & 03:00PM and between 06:00PM & 09:00PM, if Childs condition allows.
  • Visiting arrangements for patients in the VIP suite, ICU, NICU or PICU must be made in advance with the charge nurse, who will provide visitors with guidelines regarding visiting hours consistent with the patients needs. Visiting may be allowed up to midnight.
  • Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to visit patients.
  • Only the husband, father and mother of the patients may visit on the Maternity Unit during the first 3 days following childbirth. Thereafter normal visiting rules apply.
  • Certain patients are allowed to receive visitors outside normal visiting ours and visitors to some patients are restricted. These exceptions are usually based on the patient’s health status or the type of the unit. You and your visitors will be told by nursing staff if these exceptions apply to you.
  • Family and friends who have been exposed to Chickenpox, TB, Mumps, Measles, or any other infectious disease within the past three weeks should not visit you as they might pose a risk to you or other patients.

Waiting rooms:

Non-staffed waiting areas are available for families, friends and other visitors.

Patient Status Information

You have the right to confidentiality and to limit who may be given information about your status. You may indicate to the admission or the Nursing staff that no information is to be shared about your condition or that you do not wish to have visitors. You may also specify who can or cannot be given information about your health status.

Family or friends may call your ward to enquire about your status. If you have the patient in one of the Intensive care Unit, only calls from your immediate family members will be accepted.


Parking is available for all the visitors to the Hospital in Basement 2, where you have more than two hundred free car parking.


Taxis are available at the main entrance of Olive Sacred Heart Hospital.

Flower Shop

This is located in the ground floor, near to the main reception. Upon request flowers can be delivered to hospital rooms as well.

Gift Shops

Located on the ground floor by the main entrance the shops have many novelty and “must – have” items. Service include magazines, confectioneries & photo development.

Lost & Found

Lost and founds is located in the security office at the main entrance to the hospital. Any Security officer can assist you in the procedures to follow to claim lost items.


All deliverables and mails should include the patients name, room numbers and the Hospital address.

New Olive Sacred Heart Hospital
18-22 Riseley Street Perth, Western Australia 6153 Australia.


Newspapers are available on the ground floor, near the main reception.

Outpatient Pharmacy

The outpatient pharmacy is located on the ground & fills prescription from Olive Sacred Heart doctors only.You will need to take the prescription given to you by your doctor.Out patient Pharmacy offers 24 – Hr service.

Patients & Family Learning Center (PFLC)

Patients & Family can use this health information to better understand various diseases conditions, procedures and issues that arise.The PFLC is located in the ground floor & information searches and a variety of pamphlets, periodicals, books & videos that cover many health and disease related topics. The PFLC is open from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon and from 4:00 PM to 8:00PM Saturday to Wednesday and from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Thursdays.

Patients Financial Services

The billing officer in the IP billing counter will provide the information about hospital biling and is located in the ground floor.

Patients Relation Department

The Patients Relations Officer is responsible for managing the hospital’s patient complaint process. The officer serves as a liaison between the patient and the hospital and is available whenever you need assistance.

Social Services

Social workers can help you and your families cope with the stress of illness and being in the hospital. Social workers provide you with the emotional support as well as information and referral to resources in your community. Social workers also cal help with practical matters such as finding a place to stay, financial concerns and transportation. For an appointment with a Social Worker, ask your nurse or doctor to arrange a meeting.

Blood Bank Services in the Lab

The Blood bank in Olive Sacred Heart is located on the ground floor of the hospital. The Blood bank operates 24 * 7, 365 days a year.

You’re Health Record

Your health records serves as the basis for planning your care, provides a means of communication between the professionals talking care of you, and gives documented evidence of the courses and treatment of your illness. The contents of your health record are confidential and are only released to third parties such as insurance companies, government agencies and employers, if the hospital has the written permission to do so. Information from your health record may be released to other doctors, health facilities or professionals concerned with your future care without your permission, unless you specifically tell us not to release information to anyone.