About Olive Sacred Heart

Olive Sacred Heart Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Western Australia and the institution of choice for referrals from small and medium-sized medical centers that lack some of our specialized diagnostic and treatment facilities. Olive Sacred Heart has grown to become one of the most advanced and comprehensive healthcare institutions in the region.

Olive Sacred Heart provide a wide range of medical services and houses most of the surgical facilities of Western Australia. Continuous development and investment in technology, medical expertise and support facilities have contributed to the hospitals' current stature as one of the preeminent medical institutions in the middle east.

More than 100 patients arrive at Olive Sacred Heart Hospital each day. Over the years, our main facility has evolved from a traditional hospital to become a vital center of discovery and innovation. Today, we are home to more than 30 specialized centers, covering almost every area of expertise, and supported with comprehensive emergency and ambulatory services.

Each of our clinics takes full advantage of the most sophisticated medical advancements to achieve the highest quality of patient care. This, combined with our excellent record of successful treatment and renowned hospitality and service, has made Olive Sacred Hearts the preferred healthcare destination in Western Australia.


  • We take pride in contributing to the overall success of Ramsay Health Care.
  • We maintain our ongoing commitment to the Veteran community whilst developing our private market.
  • We strive to provide a positive experience for our customers through value added healthcare services.
  • We provide outcome focused care in a multidisciplinary team environment.
  • We foster a learning environment through our commitment to teaching and research, and by empowering our people to be innovative.
  • We recognise diversity by treating all people with dignity and respect.
  • We acknowledge the importance of providing our services efficiently and profitably.


  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient Safety
  • Respect of All Beliefs
  • Commitment to Our Community
  • Customer-Centered Services at Reasonable Cost
  • Professionalism
  • Striving for Continuous Improvement
  • Team Work
  • Open Communication
  • Motivation
  • Equal Opportunities

Careers at Olive Sacred Heart

We are committed to providing our employees with a positive and challenging working environment, continued professional development and work-life balance. Olive Sacred Heart is a regional leader in health care services We believe a highly engaged workforce in a hospital is a key aspect of our ability to providing outstanding quality of services. At Olive Sacred Heart we constantly challenge ourselves to be always the employer of choice for distinguished health care professionals.