Urology & Lithotripsy

Outpatient Clinic

It consists of a consulting complex that includes examination rooms equipped with bedside ultrasound gadget. This helps doctors to get a firsthand judgement of the findings and reduces patients’ waiting time in the radiology department.

Urodynamics laboratory

It performs multiple tests like: Cystometry, Uroflowmetry, Urethral pressure profile and E.M.G external sphincter.

Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter (ESWL)

This is a minimal invasive appliance used to treat urinary stones without the need for an operation. Naturally, not all urinary stones are amenable for this type of treatment.
Urologists select the right case to get the most favourable outcome. Fragments of the broken stones are passed in the urine and these are collected for chemical and physical analysis to provide information about their formation and helps in planning future treatment to prevent further stone formation.

Operating Theatre

There are five fully equipped OT at Olive Sacred Heart. Urology has the flexibility to use any of these rooms for endoscopy or open procedures. The endoscopy includes minimal invasive diagnostic and therapeutic appliances to treat stones and tumours of the upper or lower urinary tract. Prostatic and urethral diseases are included.
The open procedures include the treatment of tumours, stones or congenital anomalies. The later may require one or more stages of plastic surgery.

Ancillary Services

Radiology and laboratory centers at the hospital provide advanced diagnostic and interventional support to the Urology Center. Imaging by ultrasonography, CT and CT guided procedures are everyday practice. Tackling kidney or prostatic lesions is easier with their professional and dedicated care.

We Deals with:

Male Infertility: Deficiencies in the male partner accounts for a significant percentage of infertility among couples. Detailed investigations like hormonal profiles and testicular biopsy are available to diagnose the cause of this condition. Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction: Men suffering from this depressing condition are subjected to extensive investigations like Hormone Assay, Penile Doppler etc. Following this the appropriate treatment schedules are offered.

Benign Prostate Disease: This is common among middle aged and old men. After full clinical evaluation and office procedures like Uroflowmetry, patients are offered both medical therapy and surgical procedures like TUR of the Prostate. The latest no compromise solution for BPH Management – NIAGRAPV LASER SYSTEM (KTP Laser) is available in this hospital.

Nephrolithiasis: Kidney Stone disease is rampant in this population. After appropriate biochemical investigations to assess the cause,
our Consultants have the expertise to offer:

  • ESWL (Lithotripsy)
  • Endoscopic removal of stones
  • Percutaneous Nephro Lithotomy(PCNL)

Urology Surgeries: Both open and endoscopic procedures.

Pediatric Urology Services: Conditions like various congenital malformations involving the Genito Urinary Tract can be treated.

Urodynamic Services: Complete urodynamic studies are being performed to elucidate the nature of micturating abnormalities as in urinary incontinence, detrusar sphincter, dysynergia, and detrusar contractile abnormalities.