The Dept.of Anesthesiology in Olive Sacred Heart Hospital is a well equipped one with all the modern and state of the art facilities and served by well and varied experienced anaesthesiologists. The department is well integrated with all of our other departments in its services.

The Dept. of Anaesthesia , apart from providing the regular anaesthesia services for all the surgical patients that extend from Pre-operative preparation to Intra-operative management including the Pain Management, it also provides the support services to other areas outside the OR suite like Endoscopy, MRI and CT scan, ESWL etc.

Labour Epidural services (for Painless Labour and Delivery) is one of the important services provided by the Anaesthesia department to the willing obstetric patients in the hospital in addition to what we practice most of the regional anaesthetic techniques in our day-today practice of anaesthesia.

The Anaesthesia Department aims and strives for an excellent and efficient quality services in various areas of its activity and involvement achieving the goal of keeping the patient as a satisfied and happy one with maximum comfort levels.

The OR suite comprises Five Operation theatres each with a separate anaesthesia-preparation room, one being always kept ready for any in-coming emergency and an eight-bedded Recovery Room manned by well trained staff. The modern-designed OT is well equipped with latest anaesthetic machines, PMGV system and state of the art monitoring systems. The OR suite complex is surrounded by changing rooms,coffee lounges in it’s outer zone and anaesthetist’s office, head-nurse room, a store for consumables, in it’s clean zone area. A modern and well equipped CSSD adjoins the OT suite area. One minor OT is located in the ER area for day-care and other small surgical procedures. The staff working in the OR suite comprise of Anesthesiologists, Anaesthesia-technicians, Nurses and OT Technicians. The OT services will run on round the clock basis.

The department of Anaesthesia shall provide:

  • Assessment and preparation of patients for anaesthesia.
  • Assessment includes evaluation of health status, identification of opportunities to enhance health status with the aim of improving patient outcome, discussion of an anesthetic plan, patient education, and encouragement of greater family involvement in care.
  • Referral of patients to other specialties for consultation whenever needed.
  • Provision of safe and efficient anaesthesia for surgical and diagnostic procedures.
  • Relief and prevention of pain during and following surgical, obstetric, therapeutic, and diagnostic procedures.
  • Relief of pain during labor and delivery.
  • Management of pain for non surgical patients (in perspective).
  • Monitoring and maintenance of normal physiology during perioperative period.
  • Evaluation of respiratory function and application of respiratory therapy.
  • Management of OT, to improve efficiency, control costs, enhance institutional performance and improve quality of care (part of OT Committee’s responsibilities).
  • Supervision, teaching and evaluation of performance of both medical and paramedical personnel involved in perioperative care