Radiology & Imaging

Radiology department provides a comprehensive array of diagnostic imaging services for uninterrupted patient diagnosis and care in support of the Olive Sacred Heart Hospital commitment to excellence in medical care.

The services of Radiologist and Technologist will be available 24 hours daily in Olive Sacred Heart.

The services of Medical Secretaries (transcriptionist) are available during regular hours and for specified, pre-approved, weekend and after hours overtime if necessary to handle the workload. Sufficient staff will be on duty (physically present) in the department to meet the anticipated demand of Radiology services at all times.

Hours of Operation: The services of Radiologist and Technologist will be available 24 hours daily in Olive Sacred Heart.

Call-In-Duty: Technologist may be called in after regular working hours when the External Disaster Plan is initiated or in cases where shortage of staff is felt in order to help the other technician.

On-Call-Duty: There is an on-call system for CT, Ultrasound and MRI.

Imaging Examinations mainly requested by Olive Sacred Heart licensed and credentialed Clinicians as well as External referrals from other clinicians outside.
During normal working hours, routine x-rays are performed the same day as requested, USG, CT, MRI, are done by appointments unless requested as STAT or urgent..
Exams ordered on in-patients and exams ordered as STAT or URGENT are given priority over routine exams.
Radiology’s policies of continues staff education and Quality Improvement are in place to ensure quality patient care.

The radiology Center at The Olive Sacred Heart Hospital offers a complete range of modern radiology techniques to diagnose illness and injury. The Center is fully staffed 24 hours, seven days-a-week by a team of highly experienced and caring radiologists and technicians.

The center provides the following diagnostic facilities:

Picture Archive Communication System is an advanced imaging and information system that provides clinicians with on-demand access to patient images on computer workstations, at the hospital, offices and even at their homes, via a secure web connection. This technology helps reduce the time needed to develop diagnoses, plan patient treatments and improve patient care.

The Achieva, Phillips 1.5 Tesla closed high-field MRI creates clear, concise images of almost any part of the body, at any angle, without X-Rays. These precise images can lead to early detection and treatment of disease, especially brain and nervous system disorders, cancer, musculoskeletal problems and vascular disease.

The most advanced 64 Multi-Slice CT scanner (Brilliance, Philips) is capable of 2D and 3D imaging with a larger bore all in a single examination within a very short time. We have the facilities to perform cerebral, pulmonary and cardiac-coronary CT angiography.

We use both traditional and 4D ultrasound technology with Color Doppler facility to study the arteries and veins especially in the neck and extremities.

Digital Mammography
Full-field digital mammography system designed to provide physicians with clear and precise all-digital images rather than X-Ray film. The system offers better visibility of the breast, particularly near the skin line, the chest wall, and in women with dense breast tissue. Examination time is reduced by half of the traditional film-based mammograms.

Bone Densitometry
An advanced, fully digitalized tool to investigate patients with suspected osteoporosis (fragile bones).