Access to Care

Access to Care

Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) Services are often the first contact point; a patient will have when coming to Canadian Specialist hospital.Members of these services are committed to assisting patients and families by offering a variety of services.

The following information will help guide you through this department and aid you during your stay.

Patient Registration

Before an outpatient gets hospitalization at Olive Sacred Heart Hospital, patients should first stop at one of our registration sites. These registration sites are located on the ground floor of the Outpatients and in the Emergency department. Patient registration staff will enter your demographic and insurance information in our data base and provide you with a unique Olive Sacred Heart patient record number that can be used each time you visit the Hospital.

Patient Relations Office

When you are scheduled for a procedure or hospital stay, the Guest Relations Officer will also work directly with your insurance company or employer to ensure that all the required authorizations have been approved before your visit. A representation from the Guest Relations may contact you if there are any queries regarding your insurance authorization. You may contact them regarding any insurance authorization concerns.

What To Bring if You are Admitted

You will only need to bring a few personal things for your hospital stay like reading materials, your dentures, eye glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids. Etc (if any). When not in use please keep these items in a safe place such as the bedside drawer.

You should bring a list of all the medications you are currently taking. DO NOT BRING ANY MEDICATIONS WITH YOU TO THE HOSPITAL UNLESS YOUR DOCTOR TELLS YOU TO DO SO. Patient’s gowns will be provided by the hospital.

What NOT to Bring

Please do not bring any valuables, jewelry, credit cards or large amount of money with you to the hospital. If you do have a family member or friend, let take them home for you. If this is not possible, a small safe is located in each room for valuables.

A battery powered radio, CD, or cassette player with headphones is OK, but you must assume responsibility for it and listen to headphones only.

Discharge from the Hospital

Discharge Plan

The staff at the Olive Sacred Heart Hospital wants to give you the best quality healthcare. We know there is truly “no place like home”, so we have designed a program to make your discharge from the hospital as smooth as possible.

Discharge Planning Team

Every member of your healthcare team will work with you plan your discharge Your nurse will work with you and the team to make sure that your discharge goes smoothly.

Before Discharge

  • Tell your nurse the type of transportation you have, or will need before going home.
  • Give your nurse the name and phone number of your escort (the person who will be with you).
  • Try to send flowers and personal belongings home in advance.
  • Your nurse will give you instructions about your medications before you go home.
  • Your doctor will write a prescription for your medication before you are discharged. You can get your prescription filled either at the Olive Sacred Heart pharmacy or at the local pharmacy where you live.
  • You will need to pay for these prescriptions with either your credit card or cash.
  • We will work with you to arrange any special services or supplies you need at home.
  • Please be prepared to settle your account at the time you are discharged.

On the Day of the Discharge

You will be told what time you can expect to be discharged, if you have arranged an escort, please have the escort arrive at the hospital one – half hour before your discharge time. If your have any question, please ask a member of your healthcare team. We wish you well and a smooth discharge. Please don’t forget to fill the feedback form available with the Patient Relations Officer. Your feedback is important to us to make the services even better.